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Another Great Valley View Gathering

Annual BAR contest – as in, “cookie” bar.

Valley View Senior Cooperative Bar Contest with EP Police and Fire Department

We have a lot of fun at Valley View Senior Cooperative centered around food and this time it was the annual gathering to sample and judge the “best” bar recipe and the “baker”. Nine of our “trusty” Eden Prairie police and firefighters came ready to “eat, sample and judge the winners. They loved it, but left on a “sugar high”. Incidentally there was a fire call right after they got here and the fire truck had to go, they were sent “take out” for the effort.

There were 3 winners and they received nice gift cards. We obviously have one “super baker”, Sheila, she has won three years in a row! To be honest, many competitors’ bars were neck and neck with the top winner so no one should feel their entry was less than fantastic.

As usual, it was a fun time to meet and thank our wonderful “community servants” and visit with them. We feel so honored to be able to do things like this simple annual bar contest as a token of our deep appreciation for those brave young men and women!

We who live here enjoyed a lot of sugar and smiles and no insulin shots were needed. That’s always a good thing… :-)

Saturday Evening Socials at Valley View Cooperative

Every Saturday evening at Valley View Senior Cooperative, 15 to 20 neighbors join for a delicious meal in the Valley View Room. Each brings a “goody” of their choice and join together for fellowship and an enjoyable meal.

– Some of the comments from the attendees include:

“Enjoy getting together, good fellowship, excellent food, you only have to prepare one item, you don’t have to eat alone, make new friends, good way for new people to get acquainted, always a “surprise” meal.”

It’s a great way to spend the evening and as is with many, family isn’t always near by and spending nights alone isn’t always fun. This Saturday evening social at Valley View just makes life feel right!

* Tomorrow is the annual “Bar contest’ with Edina Police and Fire Department as the Judges. Always fun and we will have a good story and some photos to share in the near future.

Route 66 is at Valley View Cooperative

What do people do for enjoyment at Valley View Cooperative?? Take a trip down Route 66!

The "patient ones" work on puzzles for hours or sometimes just 2 pieces at a time and take a break. We have 2 large tables with great lighting above for assembling puzzles. There are usually 2 going at a time and normally they are up to 1,000 pieces.

The latest challenge however was 2,000 pieces and we built Route 66 right from home. It took a lot of people to complete it in one week. It is usually very quiet and comtemplative, but great enjoyment with the neighbors. There really is something for everyone at Valley View Senior Coopreative!

St. Patricks Day Celebration - 2018

The Valley View Cooperative Family enjoyed our 2018 March Dinner with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. It is such a fun time with our V V C Family when we have get togethers and share a meal. Usually there is plenty of laughing and enjoying ourselves through the whole process. It is not uncommon to have some who have been away on a trip or visiting with relatives and we get to reconnect and hear about the fun time they had.

We had a delicious traditional meal of Corn Beef and Cabbage, Iris Soda Bread and “the works”.

Along with a “Lilt of Irish laughter”, with “ Irish Eyes Smiling”, and “Wearin’ Of the Green”. I thought I heard a beautiful singing voice as I took a breath, then a horrible one and the thought came, “maybe the latter one is me! But no, it can’t…yes…that’s me!” Who cares?! We all had a great time.

Even our friendly Goose & Gander (below) celebrated and showed up wearing a festive Green tie. ‘Love the Green Tie’. They had been missing for a while and must have flown in just in time for our party.

Valley View Cooperative is a wonderful place to live and we celebrate each other’s lives and all the traditional holidays we can. We are so blessed to live in a community of people that simply enjoy being together. This is such a better option than simply renting an apartment or being alone in a house.

If you would like more information regarding Valley View Senior Cooperative or details about how you may become a resident, please click here to contact our Residence Services Manager today.

Soup and Salad Social

Recently we enjoyed a Soup and Salad gathering for the Valley View Senior Cooperative residents. On a cold winter night it was a great treat with 7 varying soups to choose from. It is so nice to have a delicious, warm dinner and be able to relax with friends.

The fun entertainment was talented pianist Bob Hindel. He played a large variety of tunes with some “name that tune” and special requests. He commented on the sound of our great piano but we have a secret…our piano tuner lives here.

It was but one of many enjoyable evenings we are fortunate to have here at Valley View Cooperative. There are often gatherings with food and entertainment to help keep us feeling connected and engaged.

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