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V V C and Covid-19

Twice each week at 3 pm we are doing a “Happy Hour” from decks and on the ground white carefully watching the “social distancing”. We are keeping our hopes up while caring for one another and remaining safe. Having a little fun on a beautiful sunny 60 degree day!

Social Distancing To Help Avoid Virus

We at Valley View Senior Cooperative are recommending people keep a safe distance from others as much as possible and follow government guidelines on "Safe Distancing" until our medical community has signaled the ok to resume normal daily social activities.

We sincerely desire all of our tenants and their family members to remain safe and healthy during this trying time. The elderly appear to be much more susceptible to the potential ravages of this virus and we ask that everyone please do their utmost to help them remain as healthy as possible.



On Saturday, September 12th, 2020, 9am-11:30am, we are holding our Valley View Cooperative Open House. For those who register to attend there will be a self-guided tour of several units representing the 5 basic floor plans Valley View Co-op has to offer. These events are always informative, friendly, and, for some reason, they're just plain fun!

If you are someone looking to upgrade to the conveniences of Senior Co-op living, then Valley View's Open House is a must attend event. You may want to take a look at our Photo Gallery and catch a pre-glimpse of some of the goings on that regularly happen here at Valley View Senior Cooperative of Eden Prairie. Some folks like the activities and some like their privacy, either way V V C is a wonderful place to call home!

2019 Christmas Dinner

The VVC family gathered for a wonderful Christmas dinner. We began with a reception of the 2020 Board, enjoyed punch, and then entered the festively decorated dining room. The delicious meal consisted of ham, scalloped potatoes, jello salad, and was completed with homemade Christmas cookies. The finale was a Christmas movie. It was certainly a joyous evening.

It is important to remember that although many at Valley View Senior Cooperative have family locally, some do not, and having a time together with others that are so kind and thoughtful, such as this small group pictured, means a lot to all of us. It is so nice to know that not a holiday goes by where anyone is left behind.

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