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Annual Bar Contest!

Recently Valley View celebrated their annual “Bar Contest”. Many Valley View Cooperative residents enter their desert bars to be "tested" by the Eden Prairie Police and Firefighters, much to everyone's delight. Three are chosen as "winners" who receive gift cards and as usual it was a razor thin contest. No bars made from a box either!

It is always a privilege to have members of the police and firefighters with us because they serve our community so well and deserve our appreciation. The Eden Prairie Fire Department even came with their newest truck, what an amazing machine.

Valley View Cooperative is such a great place to live. It seems that there is always something interesting and fun going on and it helps make lives richer.

Eden Prairie Firefighter Beside Firetruck at Valley View Cooperative

Valley View Cooperative “The Talk of the Town”

On Saturday, May 13, the US Postal Service had its annual food drive for the local food banks. Amazing response!!

QUOTE - Yesterday our mail carrier (Chris) told me that Valley View was the “Talk of the Town” at the post office! Valley View brought in so much more food in the recent Food Drive than any other building our size! He said that all the mail carriers were talking about your generous food donations.”


May 6, 2017, Open House Review

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Valley View Cooperative had their bi-annual Open House for the public. Those that had registered were able to come and see the beautiful building, grounds, amenities and many examples of the units Valley View Senior Cooperative has to offer. All were wonderful one or two bedroom units that were very open and roomy. This building has a lot of natural sunlight coming in and on such a beautiful spring day it was a pleasure to see the views from each "home" that were made available to tour. These units were from various locations around the building and on different sides, yet the views were all very pleasant and relaxing.

The tours were based on an "at your pace" speed and we were able to take as much time as we wanted to view the individual unit styles, ask the hosts questions, not feeling rushed or pressured in any way. I appreciated this very much because rarely did you ever feel the need to keep move along, even though there were quite a few interested seekers! Tour guides were available (4 floors in all) in key locations that directed us which way the open house units were located on each floor, where the storage units, laundries, library, exercise room, woodshop, arts & crafts room, etc., were located. Yes, underground parking as well.

Nature seems to abound at Valley View Cooperative! There were so many examples of hills, water, trees, flowers, walking paths, etc., that surrounded the grounds and views from the units. The people? Very friendly and helpful. I encourage anyone looking for a very well maintained and secure complex to call Valley View Cooperative at 952.943.9463 to set up your own experience.

By the way, this little curious Robin was keeping watch over a privileged tenant's home. Cute, huh?

Celebration of Weddings

Our Front Lobby at Valley View Cooperative was decorated with photos of Valley View couples cherished wedding photos taken from the past seven decades. Residents who had lost spouses and those who had found love again were also honored.

The display was much appreciated and many lingered in the lobby to appreciate the exhibit.

I heard comments by many that “this is the best display we have ever had”.

Many thanks to those who shared the memories.

Join Us For Bingo Fun!

Bingo Competition at Valley View Cooperative is fierce!

Fan 'em Wide and Flaunt Those Dollar$!

Twice each month our residents come together, play Bingo and sometimes meet new neighbors. The group is usually 12 to 16 players and the each bring $3.00 and play 10 games, for an hour of fun. (Some even get to take home more money than they came with.) Just another way to enjoy our “family of friends”.

"I Have More Than You Do!"

"Call of The Wild" Captured in an Intense Moment!

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