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A February Picnic Makes Sense

Can you imagine enjoying a picnic with a large ant on your plate? In February? During a blizzard?

We at Valley View do not stand on traditional ceremony. It’s snowing outside--- again!!! So what can we do to relieve the tedium of winter?

We hung up our earmuffs and feasted on traditional picnic fare – complete with baked ham, potato salad, coleslaw and beans and topped off with ice cream bars for dessert.

Throw in a hilarious, off-key quartet bellowing a silly ditty about an Organist Peeling Potatoes, an old familiar campfire melody from years ago.

A marvelous time was had by all. After a rousing game of bingo (with money as prizes), it was a fun-filled, congenial evening of fellowship and laughter.

Place Settings For Winter Picnic

Cozy Up With Friends at V V C

Snowy day at Valley View... small impromptu groups pop up

V V C Hosts Students Studying Cooperatives

On Saturday, February 16th, Valley View Cooperative in Eden Prairie had the pleasure of hosting 80 students from the College Conference on Cooperatives. The annual conference features presentations by cooperative leaders from all across the spectrum.

Students at the conference came from 25 states across the nation and toured farming, housing, retail, electric and marketing cooperatives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Only 10 of the 80 students had ever heard of senior housing cooperatives prior to the conference. Valley View members were eager to share the concept of senior cooperative living and graciously opened their homes for tours.

After the tour of our facilities, a time of refreshments were served and students were free to ask questions and learn more about cooperative living and the benefits it presents.

If you would like more information about living at Valley View Senior Cooperative and how you may attend an Open House, click here and fill out the online contact form. You will be notified when the next Open House event takes place.

In House Entertainment!

So many wonderful celebrations at VVC

Valley View Cooperative 90th Birthday Accordion Enertainer

This week we celebrated a 90th birthday of a beautiful lady. She moved here with her husband when the facility opened and he sadly passed soon after. Another gentleman whom she knew as a young girl, lived here and he had lost his wife. SOOO the 2 of them married, and now have had 16 happy years together. They are both wonderfully active in various areas.

Also along with Birthday cake and ice cream, she favored us with a fun accordion concert, and she's pretty good too! What a way to live at 90 years young!

V V C Brunch Almost Saves Lives

This Month's Brunch Team at Valley View Senior Cooperative

Ok, maybe a little melodramatic but not by much!

valley view senior cooperative of eden prairie, MN - brunch table decorations

“Just imagine”, it is -20 degrees or colder outside (brrrrr!), snow is falling, you’re low on food at home and you do not want to go out into the weather! Relax…today is going to be just fine. Why?

Well, today is Brunch Day and all you have to do is walk down the hall to our VV Room (Valley View Room) and join neighbors/friends for a luscious Brunch. ALL in the indoor comfort of your own home.

We had choices of 9 Egg Bake dishes prepared by the residents on first floor (yea 1st floor!). We also had fruit, muffins, juice and coffee. And always, wonderful fellowship. It was a great hit, we all stayed warm inside and no one went home hungry. I think there will be another brunch soon. The residents at Valley View Cooperative really are a great second family and are a lot of fun to be with. I for one am so glad I am here.

a few of the clan at Valley View Senior Cooperative of Eden Prairie, MN enjoying a brunch!

If you would like more information regarding our next Open House or how you might be able to live in this wonderful community, click here for more information.

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