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04, May 2019 Open House

Valley View Cooperative Door Security Team

On May 4, 2019, Valley View Senior Cooperative hosted our Open House to the public with great success. Many people attended to visit our campus and several residents were very generous by opening their doors for the registered guests to view the various floor plans. One of the most appreciated aspects of the Open House is for prospective guests to meet current residents and discuss what living at Valley View Co-op is like.

If you happened to miss our Open House click here to visit our Photo Gallery page where you will find several photos of our most recent open house along with many examples of the fun life we live here at Valley View Cooperative. You can also click here to go to our Contact Page and fill out a contact form or simply call the best Property Manager in the whole World to help you receive additional information!

Valley View Cooperative Open House

Open House - Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 9AM until Noon

Every year, Valley View Senior Cooperative hosts an Open House for interested parties to attend and view our facilities. A Senior Cooperative is an amazing opportunity for many self-reliant Seniors (55+) to explore for their next home. There are so many advantages to living in a well run cooperative that attending to see for yourself is a must.

Several units will be open for touring and qualified people will be on hand to answer questions. It is always an enjoyable time!

Want a sneak peek at Valley View Cooperative? If you click right HERE, you will be taken to our photo galley to get a pictorial preview but remember, photos are one thing, being here in person brings it alive! So, make plans to attend our Open House by registering here.

Moments to Remember

Almost 60 residents enjoyed a wonderful "Moments to Remember" musical program of the early days of Rock and Roll on Friday, March 15. Mike Henry's Power Point presentation accompanied by songs of the late 50s-60s was a hit with everyone! A few people asked if we could have an 'encore presentation' of that performance.

Here is an email we received from Mike Henry: "Thanks again for inviting me to do my presentation at Valley View yesterday. Hope everybody had a good time. They seemed to be really enjoying it which is exactly what makes this enjoyable for me."

Many thanks to all of you who were able to come to this event. We would love to invite Mike back to Valley View sometime in the future to present his "Thanks for the Memories" presentation of 1940s - early 50s music.

A February Picnic Makes Sense

Can you imagine enjoying a picnic with a large ant on your plate? In February? During a blizzard?

We at Valley View do not stand on traditional ceremony. It’s snowing outside--- again!!! So what can we do to relieve the tedium of winter?

We hung up our earmuffs and feasted on traditional picnic fare – complete with baked ham, potato salad, coleslaw and beans and topped off with ice cream bars for dessert.

Throw in a hilarious, off-key quartet bellowing a silly ditty about an Organist Peeling Potatoes, an old familiar campfire melody from years ago.

A marvelous time was had by all. After a rousing game of bingo (with money as prizes), it was a fun-filled, congenial evening of fellowship and laughter.

Place Settings For Winter Picnic

Cozy Up With Friends at V V C

Snowy day at Valley View... small impromptu groups pop up

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