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2019 Christmas Dinner

The VVC family gathered for a wonderful Christmas dinner. We began with a Reception of the 2020 Board, enjoyed Punch and then entered the festive Diningroom decorations. The meal of Ham, scalloped potatoes, jello salad and completed with homemade Christmas cookies. The finale was a Christmas movie. It was certainly a joyous evening.

It is important to remember that although many at Valley View Senior Cooperative have family locally, some do not and having a time together with others that are so kind and thoughtful, such as this small group pictured, means a lot to all of us. It is so nice to know that not a holiday goes by where anyone is left behind.

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Thanksgiving Gathering at Valley View Cooperative

2019 Valley View Cooperative Thanksgiving Dinner

Recently the Valley View Cooperative family celebrated a delicious catered meal. We were welcomed to the Dining Room by our 1st. floor friends dressed as Pilgrims and native Americans. After the meal the “hosts” entertained us with a delightful chorus, telling of the preparations for the feast.

The evening was enjoyed by all, remembering the people who came to our land early in our history.

Valley View Cooperative is 20 Years Old!

20th Anniversary of Valley View Senior Cooperative

Valley View Co-op members know how to party. The dining room was elegant with fresh red roses, votive candles, silver chargers and stemware when they celebrated the 20th anniversary of the co-op recently. President Diane Johnson welcomed the celebrants with a champagne toast. Many were acknowledged for their participation in life at Valley View, notably the 19 original residents who have lived there for 20 years, former and current presidents, board members, committee chairpersons and all who have ever served on a committee.

A memory was shared of the first official gathering of prospective members a year before the grand opening. Early buyers were invited to bring a small sample of soil from their current homes, and those were symbolically mixed with soil from the new location.

A musical group from Valley View sang two songs about living in a co-op, Including “I’ve Been Workin’ in the Co-op” and the following:

"O give me a home that is carefree and warm
And I don’t have to shovel the snow
Or mow the lawn or pay for repairs,
And my friends are just down the hall.

(Chorus) Home at Valley View where committees take care of it all,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And my friends are just down the hall.

I’m glad that I came, not still on the wait list,
And my share price goes up every year.
Where my birthday brings cards from my friends all around,
And we have the best staff of all."

To view some photos from the 20th Anniversary Dinner Celebration, click here.

The Annual "Forever Young" Celebration!

Valley View Cooperative recently celebrated an annual Birthday Party celebration called “”Forever Young”. We celebrated 16 of our residents who are 90 to 100 years young. They all lookedbeautiful.

The program consisted of a little “sketch” of interesting things about their life. There were beautiful yellow roses decorating the table, which each celebrant receiving a rose to take home. Of course we had Birthday cake and ice cream. God bless each one of them!

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