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Saying a Final Goodbye to Christmas 2016

Here comes Springtime...it's beginning to roll over in bed and move it's arms and legs a bit. The transition of power isn't always peaceful in their world but that's what makes it exciting, the unpredictable nature (no pun untended) and relationship of Winter to Spring. But before we totally lose sight of Christmastime, lets take one last look at some of the fun we had at Valley View Senior Cooperative.

On December 27th, ten of our residents opened their homes for tours of their lovely decorations. Many of our residents enjoyed the sights, coffee and treats together in the Valley View Room after the tour. The VVC residents did a marvelous job decorating their homes and they were kind enough to share some photos as well. Thanks folks!

The Gradual Shift From Christmas to Early Spring

It is still a winter wonderland at Valley View Cooperative of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Christmas time may be behind us now but there occasionally remains a gift here or there waiting to be presented to that friend or relative that you've had trouble connecting with during the Holidays, but at last you do, and Christmas lives on a bit longer. A fun celebration commences and as you look out of your window and see the beauty around you, it's obvious that we are all blessed. Yes, the winter wonderland at Valley View Cooperative. Let it snow, looks so beautiful on our decks and surrounding trees. :-)

Caroling, Coffee, and Conversation

Valley View residents enjoyed a night of Caroling, Coffee, and Conversation to celebrate the start of the Christmas celebration. We went door to door on each floor and sang Christmas carols and then gathered around the piano in the Community Room and sang. We also thanked all who decorated their decks, the lighting was beautiful and many from the community drove through and enjoyed the lighting.

Christmas Lights at V V C

Christmas is one of many special times of the year at Valley View Coop. Many residents chose to decorate their decks with lights and the results were beautiful and it was a lot of fun to see the displays. The community of Valley View Cooperative is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that adds so much to the lives of those that live here.


We very much appreciate and respect our Police and First Responders at Valley View Cooperative. Thanks to the Valley View generous donors for the wonderful monetary gift of $1,300.00 to PROP. Officer Stoner accepted the gift and remarked “Valley View residents are so generous and contribute the largest amount of all the buildings/organizations..." in which she is in contact. She expressed a warm thanks. Again, BIG thanks to the Valley View Family.

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