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Soup and Salad Social

Recently we enjoyed a Soup and Salad gathering for the Valley View Senior Cooperative residents. On a cold winter night it was a great treat with 7 varying soups to choose from. It is so nice to have a delicious, warm dinner and be able to relax with friends.

The fun entertainment was talented pianist Bob Hindel. He played a large variety of tunes with some “name that tune” and special requests. He commented on the sound of our great piano but we have a secret…our piano tuner lives here.

It was but one of many enjoyable evenings we are fortunate to have here at Valley View Cooperative. There are often gatherings with food and entertainment to help keep us feeling connected and engaged.

Annual Christmas Dinner Fun

We at Valley View Cooperative celebrated our annual (delicious) Christmas Dinner on December 14. It was a lovely gathering of over 90 people from our Valley View family.

The tables were beautifully decorated and the full meal was so tasty with some fabulous Swedish Meat Balls along with all kinds of other foods - and deserts. Christmas carols rang out the season celebration as we joined our voices to sing.

Prior to the Dinner we gathered for punch and welcomed the new Board Members for the year 2018. Thanks to all who serve so well.

Getting Into The Christmas Season!

We all know that everyone has their own preferences. For example, here are just a few of the Valley View Senior Cooperative residents that truly enjoy decorating for any holiday. Today, it was for everyone's favorite - CHRISTMAS! and look at these deserts, YUM!

I don't know about you but if I tried to bake these scrumptious delicacies I might be thrown in jail for criminal conduct to food, or there wouldn't be enough content left to bake. One must taste things before forging ahead too far. However, with the proper people in charge these deserts ended up being amazing! And what is more of a sleep disturbing thought is the possibility, the real possibility that these are just the beginning of what's to come. Ooooooo shivers....

As delicious (and dangerous) as the amazing cookies are, having beautiful decorations to view in the daytime or at night with just the light of the little make believe villages is a very comforting experience. Throw in a Christmas cookie or two and a hot drink and that's probably where I'll be found sleeping in the morning. The VVC Drool Patrol Unit will be on duty promptly at 0600 so if you slip off into a Christmas dreamland in the lobby, they'll be there with Windex and a towel and put you to work. Just kidding...

There are many ways one can choose to volunteer at Valley View, whether it is decorating as in this particular post or maybe you find you would enjoy gardening, or creating the amazing Bundles of Love baby comforters, repurposed Get Well cards, or donating some time to a building committee might be a better fit for your talents.

Whatever you would like to do, there is usually a spot for you to be with friendly neighbors, tea or coffee, and a few runaway treats to enjoy along with the group as you have fun using your various talents while undoubtedly encountering some good laughter along the way. Some folks prefer to keep to themselves and that's fine too. Valley View Cooperative is a great place for all to enjoy life. Don't worry, you will be welcomed and find that you can fit right in!

Welcome to Valley View!

Welcome to Valley View Cooperative - Denny & Kathy

WELCOME Denny and Kathy to Valley View!! Each time new residents move in we have a “coffee party” and welcome them to our floor, today it was 4th floor welcome. It is another way to get to know more neighbors and share a little story of our life here. The theme today seemed to focus on, “What a wonderful FAMILY feeling we experience here. That theme is very strong, “you are welcome here”. These are some of the great neighbors to welcome you home!

Bundles of Love

Valley View Senior Cooperative Bundles of Love Baby Comforters

A new baby. The little creature is sleeping at the moment and you, the mother, can't. Your thoughts and concerns are focused on the little chubber and there's never been a baby as cute as this one, but there's a problem. You don't really have some of the basic necessities your baby needs. Enter, Bundles of Love.

At Valley View Cooperative of Eden Prairie, there is a group of women that have a heart to do what they can to help single mothers by creating baby comforters for them, and they do it very well. This group of women makes some of the nicest baby comforters you will ever see. The Bundles of Love women sew baby quilts and other items to be donated to single moms with the intent of providing some support for the mom and her baby. A generous stash of beautifully coordinated fabrics was received recently and has been a delight to work with. Here are some of the quilts just completed.

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