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Men's Group Pancake Breakfasts and Deck The Decks

Valley View Senior Cooperative Men's Pancake Squad

It’s great to have our pancake breakfasts back after the summer break. As the pictures show, it’s not all work. Thank you, men, for your willing work and tasty presentation. You do it with class!

Valley View Senior Cooperative Men's Breakfast Group

Deck the Decks! Be a part of lighting up our building for all to enjoy. Especially if you are heading south, do it before you leave. Jack Doran and Gordon Gilbert have a group ready to help you as needed. Lights on Friday, November 23!

Wisdom From Seniors!

Wisdom From Seniors...Need a good laugh? I thought so!

If you lose your hearing is it ear replaceable?

I mixed up the cardiac resuscitation equipment with the lie detector, but I will de-fib you later.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

I started with nothing. I still have most of it.

I finally got my head together; now my body is falling apart.

If all is not lost, where is it?

It was so different before everything changed!

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

I wish the buck stopped here. I could use a few.

It’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere.

If you are living on the edge, be sure you are wearing your seatbelt.

It’s not hard to meet expenses. They are everywhere!

Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Bundles of Love Carries On

Bundles of Love


“Bundles” is a metro wide non profit organization to assist newborns and families. VVC has 16 members who volunteer to sew baby quilts and diaper bags.

They sew in their units and meet monthly as a group and complete the projects. This is a very rewarding time for all involved. It is so fun to get together, create blankets for newborns and their moms with the realization that what the Bundles of Love Team(s) are doing really does matter!

Valley View Senior Cooperative has so many residents that contribute both time and talent in so many ways. To view a few more photos of this activity and other things we have going on at Valley View Cooperative, visit our Photo Gallery.

Labor Day 2018 - Fun At V V C

Labor Day at Valley View was a little bit of Labor and a LOT of fun.

Labor Day Lunch at V V CIt all started with the Johnny Appleseed Grace. We followed by a picnic-style catered dinner with Pulled Pork sandwiches, beans, cole slaw and “the works”. One of our residents did a great rendition of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” including names of volunteers and staff helping to make this a wonderful place to live. All attendees participated in singing the song, it was great fun. We ended with some “labor intensive” competitive activities, winners were rewarded with a Pay Day candy bar. We have good times at VVC.

Want more proof? Visit our Valley View Cooperative Photo Gallery and look at the fun mischief we can get into around here!

It Never Gets Old!

Some activities are just as much fun when you're 10 or 80, it doesn't seem to matter. 2 such things are putting together puzzles and shooting pool. And it doesn't hurt when the puzzles and pool tables are of good quality and fun to play on. Makes it a good time.

The V V C Pool Sharks

Did I tell you about the time when we was gettin snow building up so fast that the plows just quit tryin until was worth tryin again? That was a bad snowstorm. Some of us wanted to go hang out at the pool hall and just have a marathon playin pool but it got to the point when even the owners said "Enough! We're headed home, we got families too" Yea, those were some fun times but now, I can get a few friends and play right here at home whenever we want. Weather don't tell us nothing! We just have a good time until we get tired and call it quits for a while. These are still the good ol’ days if you ask us!

The Ladies Solving the PuzzlesAnd the ladies, they can say the same. They like to relax and take their good time piecing together them goofy shapes until there's a masterpiece that covers the whole table! Wow, the patience them gals have is somethin'. And they have friends everywhere around the building! They do stuff and enjoy themselves until family comes in and then their hearts really warm up seeing their kids and grandkids. Of course there’s a ton of other things around here goin on too. Not everyone likes pool (if you can believe that!) some form a group and go fishin', bowling, they paint, garden, build stuff in the wood shop, sew fancy blankets for babies, all kinds of stuff.

Valley View Senior Cooperative is a great place to be. You should see for yourself. You could do a whole lot worse, I can tell you that. Click here to get in contact with our staff. They'll show you what I'm talking about. - Jim

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