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A New Update at Valley View

This maybe isn't the most exciting blog post but it does matter. At Valley View Senior Cooperative of Eden Prairie we think it is important to upgrade when necessary and the old Conference Room chairs were getting a bit long in the tooth. That said, we did some comparisons, spent time price shopping and as a Cooperative decided to upgrade the chairs. We are blessed with wonderful people on our volunteer resident marketing committee. We meet every month and review/plan for upcoming events as well as all of our marketing. Many of the Marketing Committee have a good deal of experience in this area and as volunteers they deserve to be well treated. Also, the conference room is open for use for a variety of meetings and can be a busy place and our collective tailbones say "thank you!

Another Good Way to Relax and Recharge

I love my deck. That may seem like a small thing to get excited about, but for me, I really like my deck! No it isn't huge but it is big enough to decorate it with flowers and a nice little table with 2 chairs. It is a beautiful place to enjoy morning coffee, relax, read and enjoy the cool breezes and scenery. Refreshes the soul. - M. W

The July 4th Potluck


Every year at Valley View Senior Cooperative we celebrate various holidays by having a potluck dinner for those residents that may not have family in town but still wish to be with others. At Valley View Co-op, we believe that it is good and healthy to have these traditions so we go "all out".

This event is open to all Valley View residents so anyone that desires to can participate. That said, look at the fun and food! Nearly impossible to say, "I don't want to"!

Take this photo for example. Gaze across the table and say you would rather be at a fast-food restaurant. I can't make myself even think the thought!

Here is an empty table in The Valley View Room which is our 1st floor event room. This table has been dressed up and it now ready for action. All seems quiet but wait for just a few minutes...

If you find yourself at home for a holiday, you certainly don't have to go it alone. For those of us that may not always have family available this is a great option. And that table mentioned earlier? Now look at it!

Seems like there are several people having a good time and enjoying themselves. By the way, this is just one of several tables of people here at the Valley View Coop 4th of July potluck enjoying the company and food.

Some of us love to cook stuff outside. It's fun. Many of the folks here at Valley View Senior Cooperative simply enjoy being together and helping to make sure everyone that wants to can enjoy a bit of time together and feel included.

Thank you to everyone that participated on whatever level to make the July 4th potluck a success. It is a valuable perk of living at Valley View Senior Cooperative.

- For more information regarding becoming a resident at V V C, please visit our FAQ's page or click here to send an email request for additional information. -

The Bench

It is all-weather. It is solid, welcoming, stable and quiet. Properly dressed, even a sunny winter day can be enjoyed for a short spell and help put some color back in one's face. A wonderful place to Relax, Meditate, Pray, Feast on the Beauty of the flower garden, Breath fresh air, Listen to the birds and take a “time out”. Even a good spot to savor a secretly snuck snack!

Valley View has a beautiful new outdoor bench for us to enjoy. It was a project that took many helping hands, putting in the concrete pad to insure safety, selecting the appropriate bench and placing the “heavy” piece in place. It is in a wonderful location overlooking our beautiful flower gardens. We encourage everyone to “try it out”, and feel ”refreshed”. Sometimes we need a place to sit and take the time to hear God's voice reassuring us that although things may not be as they were but our future is full of hope!

Valley View Cooperative June Social - Culvers

Culvers came to Valley View Cooperative!

Residents enjoyed the regular monthly Valley View Senior Cooperative food event for June. Culvers provided a picnic "indoors" for us. They brought their grill along and cooked us delicious burgers. We made our own sundaes for dessert. It was a fun evening with a singalong program at the end.

Each month people from 1 of our 4 floors take turns planning the party, decorations, entertainment and fun. Great monthly get togethers.

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