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Life Around Valley View Senior Cooperative

There is always something to do at Valley View Senior Co-op if you're into exploring or maybe just wanting to sit down and visit. I live in a 55 + Cooperative with 94 living units. A third of our population are older than me and 2/3 are younger.

There is always something interesting and fun going on here, for example:

Tonight I sat outside with my upstairs neighbors. The man is the same age as me – alert, but in hospice with cancer. I sat outside talking to them for the longest time. I also chatted with another couple’s friends from Iowa. He is retired from the Air Force and still in the AF doing volunteer work- 50 years. Wow! I thanked him for his service.

Next, I went to the Library where some gals were doing jigsaw puzzles and I stopped and visited with them.

Then my good friend and I went on a search for where the former Board Room chairs went and we found them. You should see our comfortable new black leather Board Room chairs (see earlier blog post).

Thank you Rita and fellow committee members for doing such an outstanding job of decorating our building!!

I really like living here!