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Desert Bar Contest

This desert bar contest was so serious that we called in the Authorities!

Today we held the annual Bars Contest at Valley View. 16 bakers made their special bar recipe and entered it to be judged by the Eden Prairie Police and Fire Departments. This is always a popular event and today was no exception.

Bar Contests require the best judges so who else should we have called on?

First the officers were introduced and each told why he or she thought they were qualified to be a judge. This proved to be very entertaining. Next the officers moved behind a screen in the Valley View Room to begin their taste tests. Each one received a plate with a bite from each bar entered. The bites were numbered and a test page was given to them to write their results.

The bars disappeared so FAST that they all received a ticket!

While the testing was going on, residents were invited to choose bars for eating and a time for visiting. Then the drum roll for the winners: 3rd place was Nancy; second was Shirley; and first place went to Betty! 

Thank you for our local Eden Prairie MN Fire and Police Departments!