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Imagine, I had to travel all the way...

Imagine, I had to travel all the way from my Valley View Cooperative home to see excellent entertainment and it took me a whole 3 minutes. Gone are the good old days of arranging for a ride, crowds, traffic, schedules and more. I had to walk to my door, open it, step out, close it, take an elevator down a floor or two and walk several steps to my seat! So intense… The result? A relaxing and very enjoyable evening.

Meet Betsy and Paul Hanson. They are a married couple and have sung and played together for many years. They lead worship at their church, have played for venues similar to ours and have been the musicians for several weekend retreats. They play a wide variety of music. They were also part of a larger group called the Norwich Singers that sang together for several years. I have known them for about 25 years.

Things like this happen frequently at Valley View Cooperative and it can be so unstressful! Is that even a word? Well, I hope you understand what we have to go through while living here.

Okay, so I’m kidding in case you hadn’t noticed. What a dream come true, to live in a wonderful caring community of people and be able to enjoy fun activities to the level I wish to be involved at.

Thanks again Betsy and Paul!