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Bundles of Love

Valley View Senior Cooperative Bundles of Love Baby Comforters

A new baby. The little creature is sleeping at the moment and you, the mother, can't. Your thoughts and concerns are focused on the little chubber and there's never been a baby as cute as this one, but there's a problem. You don't really have some of the basic necessities your baby needs. Enter, Bundles of Love.

At Valley View Cooperative of Eden Prairie, there is a group of women that have a heart to do what they can to help single mothers by creating baby comforters for them, and they do it very well. This group of women makes some of the nicest baby comforters you will ever see. The Bundles of Love women sew baby quilts and other items to be donated to single moms with the intent of providing some support for the mom and her baby. A generous stash of beautifully coordinated fabrics was received recently and has been a delight to work with. Here are some of the quilts just completed.