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St. Patricks Day Celebration - 2018

The Valley View Cooperative Family enjoyed our 2018 March Dinner with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. It is such a fun time with our V V C Family when we have get togethers and share a meal. Usually there is plenty of laughing and enjoying ourselves through the whole process. It is not uncommon to have some who have been away on a trip or visiting with relatives and we get to reconnect and hear about the fun time they had.

We had a delicious traditional meal of Corn Beef and Cabbage, Iris Soda Bread and “the works”.

Along with a “Lilt of Irish laughter”, with “ Irish Eyes Smiling”, and “Wearin’ Of the Green”. I thought I heard a beautiful singing voice as I took a breath, then a horrible one and the thought came, “maybe the latter one is me! But no, it can’t…yes…that’s me!” Who cares?! We all had a great time.

Even our friendly Goose & Gander (below) celebrated and showed up wearing a festive Green tie. ‘Love the Green Tie’. They had been missing for a while and must have flown in just in time for our party.

Valley View Cooperative is a wonderful place to live and we celebrate each other’s lives and all the traditional holidays we can. We are so blessed to live in a community of people that simply enjoy being together. This is such a better option than simply renting an apartment or being alone in a house.

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