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Saturday Evening Socials at Valley View Cooperative

Every Saturday evening at Valley View Senior Cooperative, 15 to 20 neighbors join for a delicious meal in the Valley View Room. Each brings a “goody” of their choice and join together for fellowship and an enjoyable meal.

– Some of the comments from the attendees include:

“Enjoy getting together, good fellowship, excellent food, you only have to prepare one item, you don’t have to eat alone, make new friends, good way for new people to get acquainted, always a “surprise” meal.”

It’s a great way to spend the evening and as is with many, family isn’t always near by and spending nights alone isn’t always fun. This Saturday evening social at Valley View just makes life feel right!

* Tomorrow is the annual “Bar contest’ with Edina Police and Fire Department as the Judges. Always fun and we will have a good story and some photos to share in the near future.