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More High Quality Sustenance!

Another BIG draw was the Root Beer Floats and brownies served by our Men’s group. Very tasty on a warm, humid day.

You might be at home right now imagining a root beer float or maybe just a component of one. Sounds good to you so you walk over to your refrigerator and look inside...nope, no root beer. You open the freezer door, someone picked through the Neopolitan and only the pink junk is left. Blech, doesn't work for a float. So, you realize you're in a fix but the answer suddenly shines forth...


Now you're realizing they do things like this all the time and that Open House they just had would have been a great time to visit Valley View and see for yourself. So you decide to click right here and contact our Property Manager Shannon to set up a time to come visit us! Sigh...what a relief that there is an answer to your dilemma.

And everyone lived happily ever after.