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Immunizations at V V C

Today we had our first indoor group community activity since COVID commenced. We had our first COVID vaccine! While that isn’t “entertainment,” it certainly is a big first step in being able to gather together again. Having the vaccine was a voluntary experience—nearly everyone in our co-op decided to participate. We are scheduled to have our second shot in February.

2020 Valley View Co-op Christmas

A volunteer came to lead us in Christmas Carols...

Christmas was different for many of us this year and was celebrated in various ways. On the Friday night preceding Christmas Day, a guest soloist came to our building and provided a mini Christmas concert to each floor. It was really delightful! 

The day before Christmas Eve., snow began to fall and the wind was fierce. After the storm had calmed down, the trees and shrubs looked beautiful and it brought smiles to many of our residents.

Valley View Cooperative Christmas Visitors
Spreaders of Christmas Cheer Visited us Outside of Our Window

On Christmas Eve this fun group of young people gathered in our front yard and cheered several with their festive Christmas greeting. Like everyone else, we have hope that the new year will bring a cure for the pandemic and that life can return to a better normalcy for all.

The "C" word is for Christmas and Hope!

Times are dark right now and many people around the world are struggling, but most residents at Valley View have chosen to rise above that and have decorated their homes and their balconies.

The lights are so pretty and cheerful. Sightseers have been noticed driving through the parking lot just to get a closer look.

Even our public areas inside our building are adorned. There is a big, lighted tree on all floors, and residents have placed various ornaments outside their doorways. It’s very festive.

V V C and Covid-19

Twice each week at 3 pm we are doing a “Happy Hour” from decks and on the ground while carefully watching the “social distancing”. We are keeping our hopes up while caring for one another and remaining safe. Having a little fun on a beautiful sunny 60 degree day!

Social Distancing To Help Avoid Virus

We at Valley View Senior Cooperative are recommending people keep a safe distance from others as much as possible and follow government guidelines on "Safe Distancing" until our medical community has signaled the ok to resume normal daily social activities.

We sincerely desire all of our tenants and their family members to remain safe and healthy during this trying time. The elderly appear to be much more susceptible to the potential ravages of this virus and we ask that everyone please do their utmost to help them remain as healthy as possible.


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