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Spaghetti Dinner!!

Last night the third floor residents hosted a spaghetti dinner in the Valley View Room. The catered dinner included a delicious salad, bread, fantastic spaghetti with meat sauce and a wonderful—still warm—apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. The tables were set with red placemats, red/white checked salad plates, cans of tomatoes on a little square paper doily, and topped with a single battery operated candle. The hosts sported mustaches. It looked very festive. Italian music was the background during dinner.

Italian dinner at V V C
A host's secret disguise...WHO is that?
Valley View Senior Cooperative Table Centerpiece
The PERFECT table centerpiece!
Italian dinner fun at Valley View Senior Cooperative
Great Italian food may cause mustaches to form!

Following dinner, Mike Henry provided a one hour program of show tunes from famous performers. Many of the songs were from Broadway shows; some were from movies. Mike has done excellent research for music from this genre and gives a bit of history and shows a short clip of the performance. Everyone enjoys this and some sang along or mouthed the words being sung.

Thank you to the third floor for an excellent evening!

Mike Henry entertaining for Valley View Senior Cooperative
Mike Henry does an outstanding job entertaining the V V C crowd!

V V C Watercolor Art Show!

We have discovered some amazing artists at Valley View Cooperative!

   Last fall, a wonderful watercolor artist who is a member of Valley View Cooperative, offered to teach watercolor to anyone interested. She began teaching by showing the basic ways to begin a painting: sky—blue with clouds, dark clouds, sunset, sunrise; land, bushes, trees, rocks; fruit; flowers; snowman; etc. Once the basic lessons were completed, students were encouraged to paint something of their own idea.

   This past Friday these artists hosted an art show in our library. The art displayed was beautiful! The teacher is going to continue guiding these artists with any future paintings.

With an amazing teacher our very own V V C residents have created some truly wonderful watercolors!

To view additional examples of these amazing watercolor paintings, click here and enjoy!

Parking Lot Sidewalk Refresh

There are some improvements happening at Valley View. Comcast, our cable tv provider, is updating the cable boxes in the apartments. 

To look at our parking lot, one might think a major problem is occurring here when in actuality, several improvements are being made!

Notice, there were six Xfinity trucks in our parking lot!
At Valley View Senior Cooperative we like to stay on top of repairs both inside and outside of our facility.

Another project going on is the replacement of some cracked concrete. The morning began with a screeching high pitch of a power saw being used to begin the removal of the broken pieces.

Places where concrete was breaking down were replaced
Sidewalk in its repaired condition and it sure looks nice!

On the other hand, we have beauty in our midst. The hydrangeas are showing their gorgeous side of changing from white to pink blooms. Other flowers are stunning as well.

Keeping the grounds fresh and clean is very important to us!
The VVC parking lot is adorned with many beautiful plants and flowers

Valley View Community Fair, 2022

Volunteers helping make and serve refreshments at the "Valley View Dinner on a Stick" Event

The fourth floor hosted a dinner last night with the theme “Valley View Community Fair,” which was their idea of going to a county or state fair. The menu was “Food on a Stick” which consisted of corn dogs, corn on the cob, water melon on a stick, pickle on a stick, mini donuts and an ice cream bar (on a stick).

Valley View Dinner on a Stick Event
Flyer announcing the V V C "Dinner on a Stick" event

For more photos of this event, click here to go to the Valley View Cooperative Photo Gallery

V V C's National Night Out

Valley View's neighbors were also invited and made this event even more enjoyable

The first Wednesday of August the Activity Committee at Valley View hosted a National Night Out party and invited our next door neighbors at Summerhill to join us. Root beer floats were the order of the day. We had a very good turnout and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

The Suds were flowing freely!

During the event two Minnesota congressmen and an Eden Prairie Police Chief paid us a visit and took to the mic for a brief time. There was a Q & A following their talks.

VVC National Night Out Root Beer Float Social
It's just fun getting together and enjoying the company

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