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Spaghetti Dinner!!

Last night the third floor residents hosted a spaghetti dinner in the Valley View Room. The catered dinner included a delicious salad, bread, fantastic spaghetti with meat sauce and a wonderful—still warm—apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. The tables were set with red placemats, red/white checked salad plates, cans of tomatoes on a little square paper doily, and topped with a single battery operated candle. The hosts sported mustaches. It looked very festive. Italian music was the background during dinner.

Italian dinner at V V C
A host's secret disguise...WHO is that?
Valley View Senior Cooperative Table Centerpiece
The PERFECT table centerpiece!
Italian dinner fun at Valley View Senior Cooperative
Great Italian food may cause mustaches to form!

Following dinner, Mike Henry provided a one hour program of show tunes from famous performers. Many of the songs were from Broadway shows; some were from movies. Mike has done excellent research for music from this genre and gives a bit of history and shows a short clip of the performance. Everyone enjoys this and some sang along or mouthed the words being sung.

Thank you to the third floor for hosting an excellent evening!

Entertainer Mike Henry performing at Valley View Senior Cooperative
Mike Henry does an outstanding job entertaining the V V C crowd!